Any person desiring a connection with the electrical distribution system of the city shall apply in writing to the city clerk on a form furnished by the clerk for that purpose.

(Code 1961, 17-201)

All electricity furnished by the electrical distribution system of the city shall be measured by meters furnished by the city for that purpose.

(Code 1961, 17-202)

The contractor will install the meter socket and the meter will be furnished by the city. Where the property has existing supply entrances from the front or so that it requires more material or labor than the nearest or most convenient point does, then the customer shall pay the city the additional costs for labor and material incurred by making such supply entrance.

(Code 1961, 17-203; Code 1987)

The cost of original installation of all wiring services and devices, except feed lines and all extensions hereafter made to such services, as well as all repairs to the same, shall be borne entirely by the consumer, although such services and devices shall at all reasonable time be subject to inspection by duly authorized officials of the light department. Any repairs found to be necessary such officials shall be made promptly by the consumer or the city will discontinue service unless such repairs are made.

(Code 1961, 17-204)

No one except regular employees of the light department or persons licensed as electricians shall do any wiring work on any wires connected or to be connected to the municipal electric distribution system.

(Code 1961, 17-205)

Unless special permission is granted by the utilities superintendent, each premises shall have a separate and distinct service connection, and where per mission is granted for branch services, each service must have a separate meter and cut off.

(Code 1961, 17-206)

Any alternative source of power shall be connected to a transfer switch to avoid injury or damage.

(Code 1987)

For the purpose of reading meters, duly authorized employees of the light department may legally enter upon any premises at any reasonable hour.

(Code 1961, 17-207)

It is hereby declared unlawful for any person to take any electricity from the electric distribution system of the city in any manner whatever except through a meter installed by the city, or from any premises not owned by him or her without the permission of the owner thereof.

(Code 1961, 17-208)

The city hereby reserves the right to discontinue service to any or all customers of the electric distribution system without notice when the same is necessary in the repair of the system or any part thereof.

(Code 1961, 17-209)

The city clerk shall maintain a municipal electric f und and a customer’s deposit f und and shall keep an accurate record of all electric sales, installation charges, fees, penalties, deposits and all other receipts and the disbursements from the electric f und and customers’ deposit fund. He or she shall keep an accurate record of the meter readings and amount of electricity consumed and total charges against, and amounts paid on, each customer’s account. He or she shall figure all customer’s bills from the meter reading reports and shall post all meter readings and amounts consumed in suitable record books furnished by the city. He or she shall make out monthly bills and supervise their collection.

(Code 1961, 17-211)

(a)   The city may discontinue or refuse electrical service to any customer, without notice or hearing, for any of the following reasons:

(1)   When the customer so requests.

(2)   When it is determined by an employee of the city, fire or police department personnel, that continuance of electrical service constitutes a dangerous condition and is a likely immediate threat to health or safety of persons or to property on or near the customer’s premises.

(b)   The city may discontinue or ref use electrical services to any customer following compliance with the notice and hearing requirements of sections 15-103:104 of this code, for any of the following reasons:

(1)   Nonpayment of electrical service accounts and delinquency charges.

(2) When the customer misrepresents his or her identity or otherwise intentionally provides false information for the purpose of obtaining electrical service from the city.

(c)   The city may continue or refuse electrical service to any customer, following notice to the customer of any of the following reasons:

(1)   When the customer ref uses to grant city employees access to equipment installed upon the premises of the customer for the purpose of inspections, meter reading, maintenance or replacement.

(2)   When the customer violates any rules, regulations or ordinance pertaining to electrical service.

(3)   When the customer attempts, causes or permits unauthorized interference, diversion, theft, tampering or damage to electrical service or to the electrical distribution system.

The customer shall have a right to hearing within a reasonable time following termination or refusal of services. If after such hearing the city finds in favor of the customer, the connection or reconnection of the service shall be at no cost to the customer.

(Ord. 710, Sec. 1)

Electrical service billings shall be mailed on approximately the first day of each month for the previous month served. All billings for utility service shall be due and payable at the office of the city clerk on the 15th day of the month and must be paid in full by the 20th of the month. Failure to make payment before the 20th day of the month shall result in the mailing of a delinquency and service discontinuation notice to the customer at the customer’s address listed on the billing.

(Ord. 710, Sec. 2)

(a)   Late payment charges. All bills, delinquent after the 20th day of the month of the billing shall be subject to a flat rate of 10 percent penalty. Further, that any and all bills due and outstanding and are not payable after the 20th of each month shall draw interest at the rate of 1.5 percent per month or 18 percent per annum until paid in full.

(b)   Reconnection charges. Prior to reconnecting a utility service disconnection following the delinquency, the customer shall pay to the city the entire balance due and owing at the time of reconnection plus the aforementioned interest due on the account plus the aforementioned penalty. The customer shall also pay a reconnection charge in the amount of $10 for reconnection of any electrical service.

(Ord. 710, Sec. 6)

There shall be a fee charged to the owner resident or person requesting disconnection of any utility in the sum of $5 payable to the city for providing the disconnection services.

(Ord. 581)

(a)   Residential Service:

       AVAILABILITY: Available to domestic dwellings and Apartment Buildings with four (4) units or less:


Customer Charge:            

$18.00 per month

Energy Charge:

$0.105 per kWh

Minimum Monthly Charge:

Customer Charge

(b)   Small Commercial Services:

       AVAILABILITY: Available to non-domestic customers less than 50 kW and Apartment Building with more than four (4) units:


Single-phase Service:

$18.00 per month

Three-phase Service:

$23.00 per month

Energy Charge:

$0.09 per kWh

Minimum Monthly Charge:

Customer Charge

(c)   Large Commercial Service:

       AVAILABILITY: Available to Commercial and Industrial customers with 50 kW or greater of demand requirements:


Customer Charge:

$40.00 per month

Demand Charge:

$10.00 per monthly kW

Energy Charge:

$0.050 per kWh

Minimum Monthly Charge:

Customer Charge

       DETERMINATION OF BILLING DEMAND: The monthly billing demand shall be based on the highest actual monthly demand but not less than eighty percent (80%) of the highest demand recorded during the previous months of July, August and September.

(d)   Monthly Security Light Service:

       AVAILABILITY: Outdoor security lighting shall be available to all citizens within the City of Chapman, Kansas. Security Lighting qualifying for this rate shall be for out-door only and shall be fixtures and poles conforming to the City’s specifications.  Service shall be rendered at locations which are solely in the opinion of the City of Chapman, Kansas, readily accessible for installation and maintenance.


100 or less Watt

$5.75 per light

150 Watt

$8.00 per light

175 Watt

$9.75 per light

250 Watt

$13.00 per light

       Security Lights larger than 250 Watt must be metered and the fixture furnished by the customer.

       ADDITIONAL POLE CHARGES: In the event that an extension with the City’s secondary circuit and a new support pole for the outdoor lighting is required the above monthly rates shall be increased for each pole installed as follows:

30 foot pole

$4.00 per month

35 foot pole

$6.60 per month

40 foot pole

$7.45 per month

45 foot pole

$8.25 per month

50 foot pole

$9.00 per month

A span of overhead wiring of 150 feet or less shall be included on a per pole basis.


(1)   The customer shall furnish to the City of Chapman without cost to the City and on forms suitable to the City all rights, permits, and easements necessary to permit the installation and maintenance of the City’s facilities on private property where and as needed by the City in providing outdoor security lighting service.

(2)   The facilities furnished by the City shall remain the property of the City of Chapman.

(3)   The facilities for outdoor security lighting shall be installed at a mutually agreeable location on the customer’s premises. The location shall be accessible to City trucks.

(4)   In any case which would necessitate an excessive expenditure for a long extension or special facilities the City may require a guarantee of revenues or prepayment sufficient to justify the necessary expenditures.

(5)   The standard burning schedule for said lamps shall be from dusk to dawn and shall include approximately 4200 hours of service per year.  The City shall use reasonable care to maintain such service, but the City shall not be obligated to patrol to determine required lamp replacement or other maintenance of the facilities uses for outdoor security lighting service.

Upon notification of any outage or required maintenance of such facilities the City shall be allowed a reasonable length of time to restore normal service during regular business hours.

(e)   Energy Cost Adjustment:

       The foregoing charges shall be increased or decreased by the amount in cents or fraction thereof by which the average cost of power per kWh purchased plus the cost of generation fuel was paid to supplies during the previous month exceeds or is less than 4.50 cents per kWh and calculated in accordance with following formula:

The formula shall he as follows:          ECA = (A - B) times (1 + C)


A =  Average cost per kilowatt-hour of power purchased plus generation fud determined by dividing the total cost on the power bill plus fuel charge by the kilowatt-hours purchased and generated during the same period.

B =  The average cost of power at the time the rates were approved is 4.50 cents per kWh.

C =  The average percentage of power losses for this calculation shall be 10% or expressed decimally is 0.10.

(Ord. 946; Code 2016; Ord. 997)