(a)   All persons owning, occupying or having control of houses or buildings fronting on or facing any of the public avenues or streets of the city are hereby required to number the same in conformity to the provisions of this article.

(b)   Failure to comply with the numbering requirements as set forth in this article may result in a fine of $25.00 per occurrence with each day to constitute a new violation.

(Code 1961, 4-701; Ord. 875A; Code 2016)

For the purpose of this article, the city is hereby divided into an east and west side and Marshall Avenue is hereby declared to be the dividing line. The numbers to be given any house or building fronting on any street running east and west shall be ascertained by commencing at Marshall Avenue with the number 100 and numbering thence east and west allowing 100 numbers for each block or fraction thereof and placing even numbers on the north side of the street and odd numbers on the corresponding south side of the streets west of Marshall Avenue and east of Marshall Avenue.

The numbers to be given any house fronting on any streets running north and south shall be ascertained by commencing at First Street with number 100 and thence north allowing 100 for each block or fraction thereof, placing the even numbers on the east side of the street and the odd numbers on the corresponding west side of the street.

The plot of each lot is on file at the office of the city clerk.

(Code 1961, 4-702)

The figures of each number shall be not less than three inches high and two inches wide and shall be legible and conspicuously placed on the front of each house, and all houses which may hereafter be erected facing or fronting on any of the streets or avenues of the city shall be numbered by the owner, occupant or agent of the owner as provided in this article within 30 days after the same shall have been completed.

(Code 1961, 4-703)

The city clerk is hereby authorized to establish such exceptions to the numbering system described in this article as may be made necessary by the irregular routing of any street or avenue of the city.

(Code 1961, 4-704)