A recreation commission is hereby established consisting of five citizens of the city, to serve without pay, for the purpose of carrying out the establishment and operation of a system of public recreation and playgrounds, acquire equipment and maintain land, buildings and other recreational facilities, and employ a superintendent of recreation and assistants.

(Code 1961, 12-101)

The recreation commission shall consist of five members to be appointed as follows: the governing body shall appoint four members, the first appointee to serve four years, the second for three years, the third for two years, and the fourth for one year; and the fifth member who shall also serve for four years shall be appointed by the four appointee members of such commission. Thereafter, the members of the commission shall be selected in the same manner as the member he or she is succeeding and the ter m of office shall be four years. The commission shall elect a presiding officer and secretary. The commission shall be empowered to administer in all respects the business and affairs of the recreational system. The disbursements made by the commission shall be paid by voucher, and the claims paid by the commission shall be duly verified. The amount received from taxes as provided by law shall be sent over to the commission and used by the commission for the purposes herein set out and shall be held by the city treasurer who shall be ex officio treasurer of the commission.

(Code 1961, 12-102)

The com m1ss1on shall annually and not later than 20 days prior to the date for the publishing of the budget of the city, certify its budget to the city which shall levy a tax sufficient to raise the amount required by such budget, but in no event more than one mill; provided, that such levy shall not be deemed or considered a levy of the city in deter mining the aggregate levy of the city under any of the statutes of the state.

(Code 1961, 12-103)

Further powers and duties of the recreation commission shall be in accordance with Chapter 12, Article 19 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated.

(Code 1961, 12-104)