The office of city administrator is hereby established. The City Administrator shall be appointed by and under the supervision of the governing body, the Mayor and City Council, and is the Chief Administrative Officer for the City.  The position is responsible for the efficient, effective, ethical, and responsive administration of all City services and programs.  The City Administrator will be appointed on the basis of his/her qualifications and ability.

The office of city administrator is hereby established. The position of City Administrator shall be under the direct supervision of the Mayor and City Council. The City Administrator will be appointed on the basis of his/her qualifications and ability.

(Ord. 840; Code 2016)

Except as otherwise provided by law or ordinance of the City of Chapman, the City Administrator shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

(a)   Assures that state and federal laws, and City ordinances and policies are enforced.

(b)   Serves as chief financial officer for the City as follows:

(1)   Prepares the annual operating and capital improvement budgets for governing body approval;

(2)   Oversees budget expenditures, revenues, and accounting, and makes regular, written financial reports to the governing body;

(3)   Adjusts, with governing body approval, expenditures and budget allocations as needed to maintain fiscal integrity;

(4)   Exercises general supervision and control over all City purchases.

(c)   Researches public policy issues as requested by the governing body; and offers recommendations to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of City services and programs, and advance the City’s mission.

(d)   Serves as human resource management officer as follows:

(1)   With advice and consent of the governing body, appoints, evaluates, disciplines, and removes   department directors and the City Clerk, consistent with City policies;  

(2)   Hires, evaluates, disciplines, and removes all other City employees in consultation with their department directors;

(3)   Provides day-to-day supervision of all department directors and takes affirmative steps to provide for a safe workplace; 

(4)   Conducts annual performance evaluations for department directors and assures all other employees receive an annual performance evaluation;

(5)   Oversees the City’s human resource administrative actions and assures such actions are consistent with personnel policies; 

(6)   Recommends for governing body consideration and approval, revisions as needed in the City’s position classification pay plan, job descriptions, and personnel policies.

(e)   Develops, in consultation the governing body the agendas for Council meetings; prepares agenda packets and distributes them in advance of meetings; attends Council meetings and provides written recommendations, as appropriate, on agenda items;

(f)   Contributes leadership in the economic development of the City, and for short- and long-range planning;

(g)   Oversees implementation of contracts, interlocal agreements, and other actions approved by the governing body;

(h)   Provides for the inventory, care, and maintenance of all City-owned land, property, buildings, and equipment;

(i)    Oversees City’s portfolio of liability and property insurance to assure policies are adequate and maintained;

(j)    Maintains knowledge of intergovernmental grants, and at the direction of the governing body, prepares, submits, and monitors grant applications;

(k)   Seeks opportunities for interlocal cooperation; coordinates City services and programs with other jurisdictions and organizations at the direction of the governing body;

(l)    Serves as liaison to City-appointed boards and commissions, and other governmental entities, community groups, businesses, and the news media as directed by the governing body;

(m)  Responds in a timely manner to questions and complaints from citizens; conducts investigations and reports to the governing body as necessary.

(n)   Performs other duties as required by law or by the governing body.

(Ord. 840; Code 2016)

It shall be the general practice of the Governing Body to issue all orders and directives to all city officers and departments and receive reports and communications from and through the City Administrator.

(Ord. 840; Code 2016)